Sell Your Old Comics for Top Dollars

Our Huge Inventory of Old Comics

Time Traveler's Comics, Cards & Collectibles will buy your old collection of comic books and related titles. To replenish our ever-shifting stock of back issues, we depend on buying from customers. We will pay you top dollar for your issues.

We buy new stuff every day, and we like to put new selections out as soon as possible. In order to replenish our stuff, we need you to bring your stuff to us. You may even have a cross collection of stuff – not just comics but also toys, cards or anything else. Bring it to us and you will get top dollar in return for one convenient visit.
Used comics

Explore the Largest Collection of Back Issues at Our Store

Since we are constantly getting new inventory in, you never know what you are going to find floating around the fleet of long boxes that fill our spacious store. You will find issues dating back to the 1940s and great collections of full runs prepackaged for your convenience.
We carry a larger selection than most other places, so you will always find something to enjoy in our quarter, fifty cents and dollar sections.

Established in 1988, Time Traveler's Comics, Cards & Collectibles has been providing Detroit and surrounding areas with comics and other collectibles. With over 40 years of experience, trust our owner to provide you with quality services.
Sell your old comics at great prices.
Stop by in today.
"I remember coming here as a kid. I spent nearly all of my allowance, birthday, and holiday money here. Fast forward 23 years, and it's just as awesome as I remember. I could spend a whole day in this place, thumbing through comics etc..."

-Marty F.
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