Extensive Collection of Sports Cards

Premium Collectible Sports Trading Cards

You might find the card you have been searching for in the extensive stash at Time Traveler's Comics, Cards & Collectibles. You can shop new cards for sports like baseball, football, hockey and others.

If you are looking for older cards or players of gone-by eras, you can browse through our old cards. Since we buy from the public, we often end up getting treasures of great worth. And since we buy often, our inventory is always new. Visit us to find the collectible representations of your favorite players – new or old.
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Trade or Sell Your Old Sports Cards for the Latest Ones

For everything from Yu-Gi-Oh to Pokemon, you will find a huge selection of new and old trading cards. If you have a collection you would like to bring in, we buy from the public every day. You can even bring in your old cards and trade them for newer ones.

Bring in your sports or other trading card collections to our store today and get top dollar in return. Remember to check out our Magic: The Gathering cards, accessories and tournaments. Call us at 248-548-7213 for more details.
Explore our huge selection of sports and non-sports cards. 
Stop by in today.
"This is one of the 3 card shops I visited in on my trip to Detroit. The staff was helpful and the store has a crazy amount of memorabilia all along the walls. If you are a fan of anything that is nerdy, you can definitely pay this store a visit and make an afternoon out of it."

-Dustin Reuss
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